Cancellation and Refund Policies

We do not issue refunds on any of our products.

We reserve the right to: cancel your product, order, subscription, payment plan, or enrollment; or to change the content of any subscription at any time. Reasons for cancellation or content change may include, but are not limited to, content enhancement, violation of any of our policies, equipment failure, or trainer availability.

You may use the services and content on our website, and our Learning Management System, only for personal, non-commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share your login with anyone.

Violation of any of these policies will result in the instant deactivation of your account, cancellation of your subscription, cancellation of your order, and/or removal from classes.


By using this Site you accept and agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions of use, which are available at If any of the Ifá 256 Terms of Use is unacceptable to you, do not use this site.

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